Dundee University v Strathclyde University

3pm  25 March 2015

BUCS Scottish Conference Cup Final
Dundee University 0 Strathclyde University 3 (att 100)

My second visit to Dundee within a week, and the second game I've seen this season at Dundee University's Riverside Drive sports ground.

Last time at Riverside it was a Saturday Morning League game on one of the many outside pitches, but this match, effectively the Scottish universities cup final, was on the enclosed and floodlit all-weather pitch.

The cup final began late, as the preceding women's cup final needed a penalty shootout to find a winner. There was never much danger of the men's final needing penalties though, as Strathclyde started strongly and bossed the game throughout.

They scored just once in the first half, doubled their lead in the first minute of the second half, then wrapped the game up with a late third goal. They could easily have scored more, a penalty was saved and they hit the Dundee woodwork three times.

Dundee had their moments, but they were few and far between, and there was little for the sizeable home support to get excited about.

Some of Strathclyde's football was excellent, and the scorer of their first two goals, Brandon Longcake, was particularly impressive. Despite being denied a hat-trick when his penalty was saved, he looked capable of playing at a high level, and having Googled his unusual name it turns out that this season he's scoring regularly for Gretna FC in the Lowland League.

As it was Scottish finals day in BUCS sport, the sports ground was a busy place. Hockey finals were on the adjacent hockey pitch, Dundee's men's second team were hosting their final on a grass pitch, while rugby was also being played nearby.

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