Dronfield Woodhouse v Ashover

2pm  14 March 2015

Hope Valley League, Dore Shield Quarter Final
Dronfield Woodhouse 0 Ashover 2 (att 13)

Football can be confusing in this part of the world. Dronfield Woodhouse FC compete in the Premier Division of the Hope Valley League, alongside rivals AFC Dronfield Woodhouse, although they're in effect the second team of AFC Dronfield Woodhouse of the Sheffield County Senior League. Then there's Dronfield Town, whose third and fourth teams play Hope Valley League football.

It's not been a good season for Dronfield Woodhouse FC. They're currently bottom of the league with -2 points (two points from drawn games, but six deducted for infringements). Their progress to the quarter final of the Dore Shield, contested by Premier Division clubs, was thanks to a first round bye.

They never looked like progressing any further, especially after Ashover punished the home side's defensive frailties and scored twice in the opening 12 minutes.

After that it wasn't the greatest of games. Ashover wasted a few chances while Dronfield Woodhouse, who showed plenty of effort but not much skill, rarely threatened the visitors' goal. A stiff, and cold, breeze, and a sloping pitch didn't help.

Dronfield Woodhouse are based at the Dronfield Woodhouse Sports and Social Club. The pitch, not roped or railed off, is part of a public park, with no facilities for spectators beyond a park bench.

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