Welbeck Welfare v Bentley Colliery

6.30pm  14 April 2015

Central Midlands League, North Division
Welbeck Welfare 1 Bentley Colliery 3 (att 30)

It was only during the season that I realised Welbeck Welfare had moved into a new ground. Not that they've moved very far, just to a newly-constructed enclosed pitch adjacent to the old ground, and with the same address.

A lot has changed since I watched Welbeck Miners Welfare entertain Thorseby on the former pitch back in 2002. The word "miners" has been dropped from the club name, and the colliery itself, which loomed over the sports ground, has not only closed but also been demolished.

I can't recall much about Welbeck's 5-3 defeat in 2002, but I suspect it was better entertainment than this defeat against Bentley. It was easy to see why Welbeck are propping up the league, and a better side than Bentley would have scored more goals.

All the goals were in the first half. The visitors scored early, then doubled their lead before Welbeck unexpectedly pulled a goal back. Bentley soon added a third, but failed to find the target in a poor second half.

The home side's ill-discipline meant they finished the match with 10 men, having picked up an easily-avoidable red card for moaning at the officials.

The "new" Welbeck Welfare ground is, at present, rather bland when compared to its predecessor, but it's early days and I gather there are plans for a stand and floodlights. At present it's an enclosed, railed-off pitch with dugouts. Those running the club are enthusiastic and friendly, and hopefully better times lie ahead for Welbeck Welfare FC.

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