Kirkley and Pakefield v Newmarket Town

7.45pm  3 April 2015

Eastern Counties League, Premier Division
Kirkley and Pakefield 2 Newmarket Town 1 (att 81)

It's a long and awkward journey from Manchester to Lowestoft, but options for a new ground on Good Friday were limited so I decided to make the effort, despite the evening kick off ensuring it'd be a late night drive home.

Crossing from Norfolk into Suffolk I thought I might have made the wrong decision, as mist turned to fog and I began to fear whether the game would last the distance.

A layer of fog was hanging over the Walmer Road ground when I paid to go in. At least the "golden goal" ticket I bought was three minutes, so I figured that if it was abandoned I'd at least have a chance if claiming a prize if there was an early goal.

As it was I needn't have worried, the fog didn't descend and conditions were no worse in the final minute than they had been at the start. No luck on the "golden goal" though, as it took 34 minutes before Newmarket took the lead.

Kirkley and Pakefield were level just a minute later, and won the the match by the scoring the only goal of the second half. In truth it wasn't the greatest of games, and had a bit of an end of season feel about it.

The ground was better than I'd expected though. An attractive pavilion is set back from the pitch on the near side, with a seated kit stand opposite and cover behind one goal and in one corner. The drive back to the north west was better than expected as well, home at 1.45am after a little over four hours at the wheel.

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