Shefford Town and Campton v Renhold United

2.30pm  25 April 2015

Bedfordshire County League, Premier Division
Shefford Town and Campton 0 Renhold United 4 (att 37)

The last time I saw Shefford Town and Campton they were playing at Campton while waiting for their new ground in Shefford to be built. Now it's up and running and very impressive it is too.

The Shefford Sports Club is on the outskirts of the town, on Hitchin Road, and features a large clubhouse situated behind the goal of an immaculate pitch. The pitch is surrounded by a path, although at present the only barrier is rope that encloses the car park side and the patio area in front of the clubhouse.

The opposite side, behind the dugouts, and the far end are both open, but have grass banks which give a decent view of the action. There's scope to develop this into a very good ground.

Shefford have had a good first season  in their new home, but were no match for league champions Renhold, who scored twice in each half and on another day might have added a couple more.

It was a game with an end-of-season feel, lacking the edge of a truly competitive encounter, but there was enough good football to keep it interesting, especially from Renhold, who showed why they've won the league.

Shefford Sports Club isn't on the map yet, so this link will take you a map that may or may not be the exact location

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