Flitwick Town v Marston Shelton Rovers

6.15pm  6 April 2015

Bedfordshire County League, Premier Division
Flitwick Town 4 Marston Shelton Rovers 1 (att 60)

Final game of the day and a visit to Flitwick Town's new ground, aka the Flitwick Community Football Centre.

The Ampthill Road venue is impressive, with a modern clubhouse and a large playing field with space for several pitches. This game was played on a pitch, roped off along the near touchline, that was some distance from the clubhouse.

Being so new, the ground is yet to develop the character that makes a lot of football venues interesting to visit, but that may change in time as it becomes more "lived in".

However bland the venue might seem, there was nothing bland about the football, especially in the first half. Marston Shelton started off as the better side, but collapsed after conceding the opening goal against the run of play.

By half time they trailed 4-0, as Flitwick's finishing proved deadly accurate. Despite scoring the only goal of the second half, there was never any threat of a Marston Shelton comeback.

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