Seamer Sports v Newlands Park

6pm  7 September 2015

Scarborough and District League, Division One
Seamer Sports 1 Newlands Park 5 (att 25)

My first experience of Scarborough League football. It's difficult to judge a league by just one game, especially when one team is far stronger than the other, but there was plenty to enjoy and I'm sure I'll be back for more.

To be fair to Seamer, I overheard their manager explaining that they were missing about half-a-dozen regulars. Reigning champions Newlands Park were in no mood to make allowances, as they took an early lead and were 3-0 ahead by half time.

The visitors played some decent football, scoring two more second half goals. Seamer produced some neat football of their own towards the end, and were rewarded, albeit scantly, when one such move earned them a goal back.

Seamer is a village just beyond Scarborough, and the football club has a neat venue at the local sports club. The pitch is beyond a cricket ground, car park and clubhouse, and has grass banking on one side topped, in the centre, by a structure that could serve as either two large dugouts or a small stand.

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