Academic Club London v Glebe

7.45pm  23 September 2015

Kent Invicta league
Academic Club London 1 Glebe 2 (att 125)

AC London are a strange outfit. They've come from nowhere to claim a place at "step six" in the Kent Invicta League, and have chosen the huge bowl of the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre as their home ground.

Even with a three figure crowd, likely to be a one-off high given the number of groundhoppers in attendance, it's a weird experience watching a low-level game in such surroundings. An eight lane running track, a pair of long jump tracks and the curve of the stand all mean the on-field action is very distant.

Not that there was much action to watch in a dull and goalless first half. Thankfully the game came to life in the second half, AC London took a lead with sparked Glebe into upping their game.

The visitors left their comeback late, levelling with about five minutes to go, then snatching a stoppage time winner.

We were still in stoppage time, with a player receiving treatment for an injury, when the floodlights went out. Only three pylons had been on throughout the match anyway, and after deliberating for a minute or so the referee wisely blew for full time.

An odd end to an odd evening's football, but it was nice to tick off of a major stadium that had always eluded me when it had been used occasionally in the past.

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