St Albans v St Nicholas at Derby Rolls Royce Rifle Range

10.30am  5 May 2018

Derby Church League, Plate Final
St Albans 0 St Nicholas 1 (att 28)

The church plate is normally handed around a congregation in the hope that they'll dig deep into their pockets and make a donation, but for St Albans and St Nicholas it was sought after silverware.

I'm yet to watch a Derby Church League game, but there was enough to appreciate in this final to tempt me to try one of their more regular Saturday morning fixtures. That said, it was a tight game with few clear chances until St Nicholas scored the only goal with 11 minutes left,

It was the cue for celebrations among their supporters, who made up the bulk of the crowd, not surprising as they're Derby based whereas St Albans had travelled from Nottingham.

My reason for being there was, of course, the chance to visit a new ground. The Rifle Range pitch at the sprawling Rolls Royce sports ground in Derby has been used by various teams in the past, but has always eluded me and, as far as I can tell, is now only used regularly on Sundays.

I've no idea if rifle shooting remains a regular pastime for Rolls Royce employees, but the football pitch to the side of a cricket square, and is railed off along one side.

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