Sherwin v Burton Town

2pm  5 May 2018

Midlands Regional Alliance, Junior Cup Quarter-Final
Sherwin 0 Burton Town 4 (att 12)

I wasn't sure what game I was going to watch when I arrived at Derby Moor Sports College, with two to choose from.

First I found the pitch at Punjab United were using for their Midlands Regional Alliance game. Then I followed some players on a lengthy walk to a secluded pitch that Sherwin call home, and decided to stay for their cup tie.

With Sherwin in division two, and Burton Town top of division one, I expected a few goals and a comfortable away win. The scoreline was 4-0 so I guess it was in the end, but late goals put a gloss on Burton's performance.

The visitors got lucky for their first half opener, when a free kick floated into the penalty area deceived the Sherwin keeper and sailed over him into the net. They made hard work of adding to the tally, but a second goal after the break made the game safe, and two late goals finished off the hosts.

There's such a distance between Sherwin's pitch and the one used by Punjab United that I doubt this will be last visit to watch football at the college. Sherwin's pitch was roped off along part of one touchline, but other than that it's just a pitch that's a long walk from the changing rooms.

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