Heywood Irish Centre v Linthwaite Athletic

6.15pm  8 May 2018

Huddersfield and District League, Division One
Heywood Irish Centre 5 Linthwaite Athletic 0 (att 12)

League leaders Heywood Irish Centre saw off Linthwaite's title challenge with an easy win at the Leeds Road Playing Fields in Huddersfield.

The hosts, unbeaten in the league, dominated for the entire 90 minutes, and had scored all five of their goals inside an hour's play. Linthwaite weren't that bad, but they were no match for a rampant Heywood.

Despite beating the team in second, Heywood aren't yet confirmed as champions, although it's surely just a matter of time. By my reckoning three more points will do it, with Holmbridge now their only potential challengers.

The ground was much better than I'd expected. Leeds Road Playing Fields is a large expanse with space for plenty of football pitches, but Heywood's pitch, pitch number six apparently, is separate and feels quite enclosed.

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