Huntington Rovers v Tadcaster Magnets

6.30pm  9 May 2018

York League, Premier Division
Huntington Rovers 5 Tadcaster Magnets 1 (att 20)

Not much to play for, but Huntington's comfortable win, in their final league game, was the result they needed to guarantee a third place finish.

After an even start the home side got lucky with their opening goal, but once in front it was mostly one-way traffic. They were 3-0 up by half time, and added two more early in the second period.

Tadcaster's efforts were rewarded with a well-taken late goal, but the match was well beyond them by the time they scored it. It was an enjoyable game, despite its end-of-season feel.

Huntington is a pleasant suburb of York, and the sports field where the football club plays is a typical York League venue. The pitch is roped off, there's a pair of permanent dugouts, and a social club is next to the pitch.

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