Hilton Harriers v Hucknall Town

5pm  5 May 2018

Central Midlands League, South Division
Hilton Harriers 1 Hucknall Town 0 (att 236)

I got lucky when the Central Midlands League's groundhop fixtures were announced, with one of the two grounds left to visit in the league hosting a nicely-timed five o'clock game, making it easy to get to after my afternoon match.

A drawback of hops is that a combination of an unusual kick off time and a large crowd of mostly neutral observers can sometimes result in a lacklustre spectacle on the pitch. Add in some very hot weather, and two teams with little to play for, and you get a recipe for a dull match.

It started well enough, with Hucknall looking the brighter of the two sides until a scrappy goal gave the hosts an early lead. After that the game rather fizzled out, and a correctly-disallowed goal was a close as we came to more scoring.

Hilton Harriers did well to cater for the large crowd though, and their Mease Pavilion base was better than I'd expected. It is just a railed off pitch, with dugouts, some distance from the clubhouse, but it very neat and tidy, and enclosed by trees that give it a pleasantly-rural feel.

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