Southside White Cart v Barshaw

10am  12 May 2018

Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur League, Championship B
Southside White Cart 2 Barshaw 0 (att 8)

Overlee Playing Fields in Clarkston was busy with parents and players for junior football matches when I arrived, making me wonder if my game might have been moved elsewhere until I spotted some adult footballers among the youngsters.

There's a pair of full-sized pitches at Overlee. They're next to each other and enclosed at the far end by a high fence designed to limit the number of balls that would otherwise disappear down the steep drop beyond.

The near end is bordered by a steep grass bank, complete with flowering daffodils, which leads up to the changing rooms. It's one of Glasgow's better amateur football venues, particularly on a warm and sunny morning.

Neither side had much to play for on the pitch, and it was a game of fluctuating quality. Southside White Cart - named after the river that borders Overlee, or perhaps a pub that's named after the river - were the better side, and hit the crossbar three times before going ahead after 70 minutes.

Their second goal was in stoppage time, and scored into an empty net as Barshaw had pushed everyone forward, including their goalkeeper, for a corner.

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