Flitwick Town v Eastcotts

4.30pm  10 October 2015

Bedfordshire County League, Premier Division
Flitwick Town 3 Eastcotts 0 (att 151)

This was my second visit to Flitwick's new Community Football Centre this year, but I returned with the promise that this match would be played on a different pitch to last time.

Groundhoppers each have their own rules about what does, and what does not, count as a new ground. I consider any football pitch, as long as it doesn't overlap a pitch I've previously visited, as a separate ground.

I might not bother returning to the same ground just to see a game on a different pitch though, but as this was the third game on the day's hop it made sense to return to Flitwick Town.

Late last season I saw Flitwick play on a pitch that was a long walk from the clubhouse. They still use that pitch for most first team games, but these was played on a parallel pitch much nearer the clubhouse.

Apparently, once drainage issues are resolved, it will become the main pitch, and will be enclosed by a barrier. For this game, however, it had blue pitch markings to differentiate it from the pair of junior pitches it covered.

Enough of fretting over the location of the pitch ... on it Flitwick raced into a 2-0 lead early on, and completed a comfortable win thanks to a late third goal. It wasn't a thrilling game, but it rounded off a very enjoyable day's hopping in the Bedfordshire County League.

Flitwick Town's new home isn't on the map yet, but click here for a map showing its location

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