Axminster Town v Crediton United

7.30pm  30 September 2015

South West Peninsula League, Division One East
Axminster Town 5 Crediton United 0 (att 164)

It took a while before Axminster Town were finally able to move into their new Tiger Way ground, but they've kicked off 2015/16 at their new home and very impressive it is too.

Rather than the all-too-common identikit prefab stands, Axminster have put seats into a nice-looking stand built onto the front of a building that houses the changing rooms and a spacious clubhouse. There's also plenty of covered standing in front the clubhouse, while the dugouts are on the opposite side, ensuring they don't obstruct anyone's view of the action.

My only concern is, that like a lot of new grounds, it's a long way from the centre of town. Fingers crossed crowds will be sustained once the novelty of the new venue wears off, and if the club has a few mediocre seasons.

Nothing mediocre about the game against Crediton though, at least not from the home side. Axminster looked sharp in front of goal, scoring twice in the first half and three more in the second, including a penalty.

For their part Crediton were very disappointing. They had a fair amount of possession, but did little with it. With a little more luck they might have managed a goal, but it'd have been no more than a consolation.

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