BEADS v St Mary's College

6.30pm  10 August 2015

Teesside League
BEADS 1 St Mary's College 2 (att 34)

Bit of a shock result this one, at least to me. BEADS have been one of the Teesside League's top sides in recent years, while St Mary's College were a division lower last season, but the leagues have been merged to create a one-division competition for 2015/16.

It was a largely scrappy game, not helped by a stiff breeze blowing across the pitch. The home side, whose name is an acronym for the Beechwood, Easterside and District Social Club, fell behind in the first half.

They spurned chances to level, but finally did so in the second half. That should have been the springboard they needed to take control, but instead the impressive St Mary's side stuck to their task and were rewarded with what turned out to be a winner.

A late red card left them hanging on at the end, but they did so pick up their first points of the fledgling season.

BEADS play on a roped-off pitch next to the large social club, in a southern suburb of Middlesbrough. No facilities as such, but a typical, and perfectly adequate, set up for Teesside League football.

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