Woodhouse Hill (Normanton) v Thornhill

6.45pm  9 April 2014

West Yorkshire League, Division Two
Woodhouse Hill (Normanton) 0 Thornhill 4 (att 35)

Crossing the Pennines on the M62 in rush hour, while aiming for an early evening kick off in West Yorkshire, can be a stressful experience, but the unexpected news at Woodhouse Hill were kicking off at 6.45pm, 30 minutes later than I'd expected, meant a unusually relaxing journey to Normanton.

Until I phoned to check the game I hadn't realised that be relocating to share the ground of Normanton Knights Rugby League Club Woodhouse Hill had, in effect, acquired a floodlit venue. The lights, three pylons on either side of the pitch, weren't great, but they were more than adequate to illuminate the action.

Woodhouse Hill's ground is an unusual one, in that it's just a rugby ground with the football goals erected in front of the rugby posts. It's enclosed, with a clubhouse behind one goal, and some grass banking and overgrown terracing on the far side, making it one of the West Yorkshire League's more interesting venues. The playing surface, however, looked awful.

Thornhill arrived here top of the league, and that position was never really in doubt as they dominated the game from start to finish.

The biggest surprise was that they scored only four, opening the scoring in the very first minute then finding all manner of ways to miss chances before they finally doubled their advantage after 70 minutes. The third goal arrived just a minute later, and a fourth 10 minutes from time. They could easily have scored at least another half dozen.

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