Cornist Park v Aston Park Rangers

6.25pm  2 April 2014

Clwyd East League
Cornist Park 0 Aston Park Rangers 9 (att 15)

It often pays to have a back up game, and tonight this was it, after particularly heavy rush hour traffic hampered my journey out of Manchester and left my first choice match at Wrexham-based Brickfield Rangers out of reach for their 6.15 kick off.

Flint is a bit easier to get to, and despite arriving at Cornist Park's Albert Avenue ground couple of minutes after the scheduled start the match was yet to get underway.

That it started at all was probably thanks to the referee's generous attitude, allowing the touchlines to be marked out by coloured plastic training discs in place of the invisible pitch markings.

Add a steep slope, uneven surface and long grass and Cornist Park's home ground isn't the best. It's one of two pitches in a public park, although surrounding houses at least give it an enclosed feel.

None of this bothered Aston Park Rangers. They dominated the game, scored regularly (four before half time, five more after), and never looked like conceding themselves.

It's been a tough debut season for Cornist Park, currently bottom of the league with just three points and some heavy defeats, but they deserve credit for keeping going, and hopefully 2014/15 will be better for them.

Cornist Park in a larger map

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