West Park v Old Mill

6.30pm  28 April 2016

St Helens and District Combination, Premier Division
West Park 0 Old Mill 0 (att 10) abandoned at half time due to weather conditions

Having enjoyed my first taste of the St Helens Combination earlier in the week, a nine-goal thriller featuring West Park FC, I decided to see the side again for their home game against Old Mill.

The game began in bright sunshine, and despite being goalless was quite lively, but as half time approached the storm clouds were, quite literally, gathering around the pitch.

Once the ref blew for the end of the 40 minute first half I headed back to my car for an umbrella, fearing I'd need it. By the time I'd got it the hailstorm was torrential and there was fork lightning overhead.

It was no surprise to see players heading for the changing rooms as I returned to the pitch, and abandoning the game was surely the correct decision.

Abandoned games, and whether or not to "count" them, is a topic that often divides groundhoppers. My rule is that if a game gets to at least half time then I'll consider the ground "ticked", and as the ref blew for half time before stopping play then that's good enough for me.

That said, the Bishop Road venue in St Helens isn't far from home and is used by several clubs, so there's every chance I'll return in the future for a full game.

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