Beeston v Underwood Villa

10.05am  29 April 2016

Nottinghamshire Senior League, Premier Division
Beeston 0 Underwood Villa 0 (att 291)

An early start and a large crowd ... yes it's another organised groundhop. This time it was the Nottinghamshire Senior League's turn, staging four matches with staggered kick offs for those of us keen to tick off extra grounds.

Having already been to the last two venues my schedule wasn't as hectic as some, although my plans for a third game of the day, at a non-hop ground, were to bite the dust.

Unfortunately neither Beeston not Underwood Villa could provide a goal for the many watching. The woodwork was struck in the first half, and near the end the referee ruled out the one effort that did hit the back of the net.

The football was decent enough, but neither side was able to create much in the way of chances, and the nil nil scoreline had the air of inevitability about it.

Beeston hope to move to a new ground, possibly as early as the start of next season, so it was good to get to the Hetley Pearson Recreation Ground while they're still there. There's a modern pavilion and a football pitch that was roped off.

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