Farnworth Town v Bolton Wyresdale

6.50pm  27 April 2016

Lancashire Amateur League, Division One
Farnworth Town 3 Bolton Wyresdale 0 (att 10)

When it gets to late April you expect to be watching games in spring sunshine, but at Farnworth's Fern Street ground we had hail, sleet and snow to contend with. Luckily the players made light of the conditions and produced an entertaining game.

Neither side had much to play for, although the threat of relegation still lingers for Wyresdale after a comprehensive defeat. The home side scored twice in the first half, then added a second half penalty to complete the scoring.

Bolton Wyresdale played their part and created chances, but found Farnworth's keeper in fine form whenever a goal looked likely. A later than planned kick off meant we had two 40-minute halves, but it was an enjoyable 80 minutes, despite the weather.

The last time I saw a Farnworth Town home game they played nearby at Harper Green, but this season they've returned to their former home at Fern Street. There's changing rooms (replaced after they were stolen in 2011) and space for a couple of pitches, and it has an enclosed feel even though it is, in effect, a public park.

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