Manchester Celtic v South Manchester Ambassadors

10.45am  7 February 2015

Manchester Saturday Morning League, Division Two
Manchester Celtic 3 South Manchester Ambassadors 5 (att 4)

The football might not have been of the highest quality, but it was hard to fault the morning's entertainment in Wythenshawe Park.

The game kicked off about 30 minutes late, thanks to the referee inadvertently going to the wrong ground. I made the most of the delay by going to Wythenshawe Park's cafe for a sausage and bacon barm, which was welcome on a chilly morning.

Once the game got underway it didn't take long to spring into life. Manchester Celtic, not surprisingly wearing green and white hooped shirts, were soon behind, but fought back to lead 2-1 at the interval.

Celtic looked the better side, and might have been expected to push on to win, especially when they scored a third goal. But Ambassadors battled back, helped by some generously comic defending by the hosts, for an unlikely victory.

You don't expect facilities in the Manchester Saturday Morning League, and this game was played on an open pitch, one of seven, in the large park. It's about as basic as a football venue can get, I didn't spot any changing rooms, but the cafe was decent.

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