Invac v Red Star

10am  21 May 2016

Glasgow & District Saturday Morning League, Premier Division
Invac 2 Red Star 2 (att 2)

With the football season nearing its end I decided it was worth the early start so I could take in an extra game, and tick off an extra ground, while north of the border.

I quite enjoy Glasgow's Saturday morning leagues, although most games I go to are in the Strathclyde League purely because its website lists venues. The Glasgow and District League takes a bit of detective work, but I spotted a Friday tweet from Red Star confirming the game and location.

The Glasgow Club Nethercraigs is a small sports centre with an adjacent running track, inside which is a rugby pitch. Footballers, at last those playing on grass, are catered for to the south of the complex, beyond a car park.

There are three pitches, two of which were hosting youth football while Invac and Red Star were on the one furthest from the car park.

For a late season game with little at stake it was a decent game to watch, particularly in an entertaining first half.

Invac (who originated as a side of bank employees and derive their name from the investment accounts department) went in front, Red Star levelled but the home side restored their advantage by half time.

The second period was more low key, and looked like staying goalless until a mix up at the back gifted an equaliser for Red Star. On balance of play a draw was about right.

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