Blairgowrie v Kinnoull

2.30pm  21 May 2016

SJFA East Region, North Division
Blairgowrie 4 Kinnoull 4 (att 65)

Blairgowrie needed a win as they're involved in a very tight title race, local rivals Kinnoull were determined to deny them, and between them they produced a late contender for the best game I've seen all season.

The Perth-based visitors shocked their hosts by racing into a 2-0 lead. Blairgowrie took a while to regain their stride, but once they'd done so they battled back and it was 2-2 by half time.

It didn't take much of the second half before Blairgowrie edged in front for the first time, but they couldn't shake off Kinnoull who, despite missing a penalty, fought back to regain the lead at 4-3.

By that stage the hosts were down to 10 men, but the numbers were evened up when Kinnoull also had a player red carded, and a late penalty saved a point for Blairgowrie.

They thought they'd won it in the final seconds, but the referee ruled the ball had gone out of play just before it was crossed for the goal. I couldn't tell if he was correct, but he didn't deserve the vitriol from some home supporters after the final whistle.

Great games are a little better if they're played in great venues, and I really liked Blairgowrie's Davie Park. The ground is dominated by a huge covered standing area that runs the length of far touchline. Apparently the wooden seats were removed in the wake of the Bradford fire, but thankfully the shell of the stand was retained.

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