ÍF Fuglafjørƌur v Skála

3pm  27 July 2014

Faroes Islands, Meistaradeildin
ÍF Fuglafjørƌur 1 Skála 0 (att 200)

I've been to a lot of football grounds, but the home of Faroese premier division club ÍF, in Fuglafjørdur, might just be the most scenic that I've ever had the pleasure of spending 90 minutes in.

The village has a population of around 1,500, with houses built around a natural harbour in a setting dominated by three surrounding mountains.

The football ground is set high above the village, and has one uncovered seated stand built into hillside, giving a great view of the pitch, and an outstanding view of the harbour and surrounding scenery.

Essentially it's a one-sided ground, and spectators who don't want to sit can stand to the sides of the seats, or above, on the street runs along the top of the ground. It's a lengthy cul-de-sac, and the club stations someone at the open end to collect admission money, about £10, from drivers (presumably they're exempt if they're just heading home).

The game was good, without being great. ÍF's Brazilian forward, Clayton Soares de Nascimento, scored the only goal with a header after around 15 minutes.

Skála are bottom of the league and for the most part looked toothless up front. They did threaten increasingly as the game wore on, but ÍF, in mid table, held on to win.

IF Fuglafjordur in a larger map

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