FC Stockbrook Rangers v Derby Singh Brothers

6.30pm  25 August 2014

Midlands Regional Alliance, Division One
FC Stockbrook Rangers 5 Derby Singh Brothers 2 (att 23)

So a day which began in south London ended with a match in Derby, on one of the many pitches dotted around the city's sprawling Rolls Royce facility.

The first problem I faced was finding the pitch. I knew the game would on a pitch close to the rugby pitches, but finding it, and then finding the entrance to the adjacent car park, was a challenge that nearly defeated me.

Stockbrook play on a pitch that's close to Merrill Way, although what appeared to be an entrance from that road was closed. Eventually I found a way in via the main Rolls Royce building and its entrance off Victory Road.

The pitch, neither roped nor railed, runs widthways from the changing rooms, which does offer some cover albeit a distance from the action. Beyond the football pitch, are two rugby pitches and a second football pitch.

The rain that persisted since the morning's match at Battersea continued for another 90 minutes, but despite the damp and gloomy conditions this was another lively game. Stockbrook in particular played some good football, and Singh Brothers will reflect on two missed penalties which cost them a chance of getting anything from the game.

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