VCF Santos v Clevedon Family Church

10am  12 January 2019

Bristol Churches League, Division One
VCF Santos 1 Clevedon Family Church 3 (att 8)

My first ever game in yet another of the Saturday morning leagues that cater for church-based teams who would, presumably, be unwilling to play on Sundays.

The Bristol Churches League has two divisions, and this game was between a pair of mid-table sides in the top flight. The standard of football wasn't great, although no worse than I'd expected, but it was an entertaining 90 minutes.

It took a while for the game to spring into life though, with little of note in the first 35 minutes or so until the visitors went in front.

They doubled their lead right at the start of the second half, but VCF Santos hit back almost immediately. A third goal for the Clevedon side settled the outcome, in a game that was higher in effort than skill.

The venue was Elm Park in the Filton area of Bristol. It's a large park with several pitches, sloping steeply from one side to the other, and is high up enough to provide a good view of Bristol's northeastern suburbs.

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