BRNESC v Liverpool NALGO

3.15pm  26 January 2019

Liverpool County Premier League, Premier Division
BRNESC 1 Liverpool NALGO 4 (att 35)

There were two top division Liverpool County Premier League fixtures scheduled for after my first game, so I opted for the one that was on a different pitch.

Custy's and MSB Woolton took over pitch three, but BRNESC and NALGO were on pitch one, which had staged a lower division Liverpool League game earlier. Pitch two was hosting a West Cheshire League game.

Pitch one is closest to the entrance, and has spectator areas on both sides, but as usual at amateur football in Liverpool plenty of those watching chose to stand on the touchline, often encroaching on the pitch itself.

One thing the Jeffrey Humble ground lacks is any shelter for spectators, and as this game started the heavens opened, making watching it a challenging experience. Luckily there was enough quality on the pitch to make it worth the effort.

BRNESC, going well in the league, scored first but NALGO soon hit back and were deservedly 2-1 up by half time. The home side came close to getting level after the break, but good goalkeeping and at least one goal line clearance kept them out.

A penalty provided NALGO's third goal, and they rounded off a comprehensive win with a forth near the end. With the outcome beyond doubt, the rain falling heavily, and the time approaching 5pm, the referee did everyone a favour by blowing for full time a few minutes early.

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