Chester Nomads v Helsby

6.15pm  29 March 2017

West Cheshire League, Division One
Chester Nomads 1 Helsby 0 (att 30)

I returned to Boughton Hall cricket ground for the first time in 10 years to see Chester Nomads play on their new enclosed pitch.

Last time I was here they played on the cricket outfield and, although that pitch is still in place, their new venue gives them a proper home without the prospect of being moved to make way for the cricketers.

The new pitch, which looked excellent, is surrounded on three sides by plastic fencing, while the far side, close to the back gardens of adjacent houses, was roped off.

Grass banking gives a good elevated view along the near side, with the cricket ground behind. There's a pair of dugouts which already look battered - whether by storms or by malevolent locals I've no idea.

The game was lively rather than thrilling. It was always enjoyable, but neither team created many clear chances. Chester Nomads just about deserved their 80th minute winner, which came just as I thought I'd be seeing my first nil nil draw of the season.

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