International Allstars v Appley Bridge

6.30pm  30 August 2016

Mid Lancashire League, Division Three
International Allstars 0 Appley Bridge 11 (att 9)

The home side didn't look very international, and were definitely lacking stars, as they were trounced by visitors Appley Bridge.

What they did show, with one exception, was plenty of effort until the final whistle. The exception was the International Allstars keeper, who decided he'd had enough after just 27 minutes when the fifth goal went past him.

He walked off the pitch and ignored the pleas of teammates as he got changed on the sideline and headed off. His replacement between the sticks did rather better, conceding only another six in just over an hour's play.

My game was one of two, in the same league, being played side by side at Astley Park in Chorley. Pre-match I'd decided I'd watch whichever match kicked off first, or whichever one hadn't started by the time I arrived.

As it turned out, Chorley Town's game against Astley started very promptly and was already underway by the time I'd walked the considerable distance from the car park to the pitches, so I got to see the Inernational Allstars in action. Hopefully they'll have better results this season, they deserve to, and maybe a new keeper as well.

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