Brentham v FC Assyria

6.30pm  23 August 2016

Middlesex County League, Premier Division
Brentham 6 FC Assyria 1 (att 38)

Work commitments meant a night in London so I was lucky that the fixtures produced a new ground that was easy to reach from from the city centre.

Brentham are newly-promoted to the top division of the Middlesex County League, and their Meadvale Road ground, in Ealing, was a comfortable walk from Hanger Lane tube station, on an uncomfortably warm evening.

Thankfully the bar was open when I arrived, and I had plenty of time before kick off to cool down with a pint. The Brentham Club dates back to 1919, having been founded by a trio of soldiers on their return from the First Wold War.

The Middlesex League is nothing if not cosmopolitan, and opponents FC Assyria, also based in Ealing, were set up in the 1960s to represent west London's Assyrian community.

In recent years FC Assyria have established themselves in the Middlesex League's Premier Division, but despite a bright start to this match they were no match for Brentham.

The home side went ahead, against the run of play, with what may have been their first shot on goal. They doubled their lead by half time, and had doubled it again by the time the visitors had a player red carded in the second half.

FC Assyria were 5-0 behind by the time they got a consolation goal, but late on they conceded a sixth, and the referee found reason to dish out two more red cards, a second for the visitors and one for the hosts.

Brentham's ground is set amid leafy London commuter homes, and caters for various sports. The football pitch was roped along one side, with dugouts on the opposite touchline. Changing rooms are on a small pavilion behind the goal. A programme, produced to comply with league rules, was givebn away free to spectators.

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