Bridgerule v Pensilva reserves

2.30pm  2 October 2016

Launceston and District Cup, Preliminary Round
Bridgerule 3 Pensilva reserves 2 (att 25)

I was in Devon for non-football reasons, so I was pleased when one of the south west's many local cup competitions provided a couple of Sunday matches to choose from while I was in the area.

Bridgerule is about as deep into Devon as you can go. The village is actually on the 'Cornish' side of the River Tamar, but at a point where the county border veers away from the waterway.

The football ground, Vinnicombe Park, is east of the village centre, and firmly on the Devonian side of the Tamar. There's a small car park and changing rooms, beyond which the pitch is tightly-hemmed in and runs lengthways.

On the left hand side a pair of dugouts flank a small covered standing area capable sheltering a handful of spectators. The opposite side is fenced in, not so much to keep fans off the pitch than to protect players from a precipitously steep ditch which runs just beyond the touchline.

The pitch itself was very heavy, and the game might have been in doubt had there been any rain. It made good football difficult, although sides from the fourth tiers of the North Devon League and the Duchy League were never likely to play a delicate passing game.

Bridgerule should have had the tie won by half time. They led 1-0 at the break, but had missed enough chances to be out of sight. Pensilva rallied in an entertaining second half, equalising twice before a decisive late Bridgerule goal saw them progress to the next round as 3-2 winners.

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