Kellingley Welfare v Middleton Park

2.15pm  13 February 2016

West Yorkshire League, Division Two
Kellingley Welfare 1 Middleton Park 1 (att 30)

Late last year Kellingley Colliery made the headlines when its closure marked the end of deep coal mining in Britain. I'm not sure what that means for the long-term future of the football team, but for now they still very much a part of the West Yorkshire League.

Hopefully, like many other miners welfare sides, they'll be able to continue. It'd be a real shame if their ground was lost to football, as there aren't many teams at this level who can boast a proper stand for spectators.

It provided me, and most of the crowd, a good view of a game that scored higher in entertainment value than in skill. The visitors started well, but it was against the run of play when they took a first half lead.

Kellingley's leveller was in opening minute of the second half, and although both sides created plenty more chances there were no further goals. Kelleingley looked slightly the better side, but a draw was probably a fair outcome.

Kellingley's stand has seen better days, and probably better teams, but in a league where basic railed off pitches are the norm it's very much a stand out feature. The rest of the ground, in Knottingley, is more usual West Yorkshire League fare, just a pitch with a rail around it.

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