Avro v Middlewich Town at Ten Acres Lane Sports Centre

2.15pm  18 July 2015

Pre-season Friendly at Ten Acres Lane Sports Centre, Newton Heath
Avro 2 Middlewich Town 0 (att 15)

Another pre-season game on an unusual venue, this time a recently-installed 3G pitch at the Ten Acres Lane Sport Centre in Newton Heath, Manchester.

At one time this was going to be the location for FC United's new home ground, but instead there's a sports centre building that looks to be in the middle of being built, or re-built, a car park and an enclosed artificial football pitch.

One plus point is that the 3G pitch, unlike many, has been built with a barriered area for spectators running the length of one side. The handful of spectators for this warm-up match were treated to a fairly decent and competitive encounter, for a friendly.

Avro effectively play one division higher than Middlewich, in the Manchester League's top division against the Cheshire League's second tier. They were the better side, and deserved the win that came courtesy of two decent goals, the first a minute before half time and second roughly midway through the second period.

Crossbars were hit at both ends, several times, and at one point in the first half the competitive edge threatened to spill over and turn nasty.

All in all a good afternoon out, and a rare chance to tick off a football venue that's only about three miles from my house.

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