Parrswood Thursday v Brushes Rangers Spartak

10.40am  4 October 2014

Manchester Saturday Morning League, Division One
Parrswood Thursday 1 Brushes Rangers Spartak 3 (att 5)

Twenty-seven football pitches are spread across the expanse of Manchester University's Wythenshawe Sports Ground, with one rugby pitch squeezed in as well.

You might expect a featureless and barren venue, but as the ground is divided into smaller sections, that are bordered by plenty of trees, it's not too bad.

I knew roughly what to expect, as in 2003 I saw UMIST play on pitch 25, a considerable distance from pitch 5, which hosted today's game, and easily far away enough for me to have no qualms about considering this a new ground.

We nearly didn't get a game though. The referee hadn't appeared by the scheduled 10.15am kick off, and after much deliberation a Parrswood sub, qualified to referee, took charge of a game that started 25 minutes late and may or may not have been allowed to stand as an official fixture.

Thankfully the appointed official arrived, just three minutes after the game got underway, and his stand-in took up his place on the bench (or he would have done had there actually been a bench). He came on towards the end, not often you seen someone both referee and play in the same game.

By the time he took the field Brushes Rangers Spartak had already wrapped up the game. Apparently lacking some players, and they had no subs, they still played some good football. Two first half goals put them in control, and third goal followed after the break. Parrswood scored their consolation in the final minute.

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