Base Roses v Cassa

3.30pm  27 September 2014

Spain, Segona Catalana, Group 1
CF Base Roses 1 UD Cassa 0 (att 70)

After flirting with La Liga at Espanyol on Thursday it was back to more normal fare for the weekend, starting with a game at the sixth level of Spanish soccer, the Segona Catalana.

Base Roses are one of two sides, in the same league, based in the Catalan seaside resort of Roses. Their grounds are just a couple of hundred yards apart, but AE Roses have the much better venue, with a large stand and sizeable clubhouse.

Bases Roses play at La Vinyassa, a more modest set-up with an all-weather pitch, floodlights, and a few uncovered rows of plastic bucket seats, mostly too wet to sit on thanks to the sprinkler system's efforts to water the pitch being blown off course by an otherwise welcome breeze.

Luckily the surrounding scenery made up of the lack of interesting facilities inside the ground, and there was plenty of opportunity to look at it as there was unfortunately little of interest on the pitch.

I'd resigned myself to a disappointing 0-0 draw until an 88th minute free kick was deflected off the defensive wall and looped over a static Cassa keeper.

CF Base Roses in a larger map

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